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Promptus REMO-TECH devices are pre-programmed before installation, with our trademarked PCB.



The open protocol allows our product to work with any platform. This means devices can be implemented in any existing light fitting. Similarly, Air Quality sensors are embedded within Emergency Lights and Wireless temperature sensors are placed on hot and cold water feeds.



Our sensors consistently monitor and test performance remotely. Real-time data is sent to the dashboard and automated logbooks are stored. Live alerts (email, text, call) if any irregularity occurs.



Not only does the open protocol mean our devices can sit on top of any platform, depending on requirements, further services can be 'unlocked' without extra installation. Our devices offer the features of a number of products rolled into one.



Data is sent straight to the portal from the device, through a private router network tunnel. This means the entire trail of information is heavily encrypted and safe.


With Promptus, there are significantly less failure points and limitations than other systems. This means no costly engineer callouts and no breakdowns. There is no specific software engineer required for maintenance, and this can be over £1000 day rate for systems such as DALI.

Why Promptus/Benefits

  • Our solutions save you money, time, and lives

  • We accurately monitor and record data for every device, all displayed on the dashboard, allowing for complete control and visibility.

  • Help you meet sustainability targets and carbon commitments

  • Superior accuracy compared to any other measuring method

  • Our equipment is quickly and easily installed at your site

  • Customisable, precise, and detailed risk reporting can be enabled on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis

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