Case Study

Scottish Power Station

Project objectives - Deliver Remote Monitoring services to reduce site visits, as well as the overall carbon footprint.

Over the last number of years we have operated at one of the Scottish power plant sites for a prestigious client of ours. Our goal - accommodate all compliance and maintenance services, as well as additional requirements, via our remote monitoring services. Capturing all data onto an easy to manage, secure, online cloud based portal. Establishing dashboards that are easy to understand and operate, for each Remote Monitoring service implemented at the site.

Power Plant



The client was looking to streamline their maintenance services whilst still ensuring that they comply with current legislative compliance regulations. We have been tasked with providing the following services to reduce site visits, and in turn, their carbon footprint.

•    Emergency Light Testing 3-hour annual discharge.

•    Legionella, monthly and annual Testing.

•    Fire Alarm 6 monthly and annual Testing. 


The installation for each service consisted of the following equipment:

•    Emergency Light Testing, new installation of running man signs, bulkheads & T5 fittings all fitted with self-testing discharge units that report back to the cloud.

•    Legionella Test, new installation of temperature probes fitted to hot and cold outlets an auto flusher fitted to installation all set up to flush every day for a duration. All information of results reports back to the cloud.

•    Fire Alarm 6 monthly and annual Testing. 


All equipment implemented for the services provided, report back to the cloud in real time. Live, accurate information is stored and can be downloaded in logbook format. All parameters have been set in conjunction with UK Legislation, should any of the parameters be breached, an email or text will be sent to the relevant person or persons. The cloud can be accessed to view or carry out testing at any time.


Reduced carbon footprint with a reduction on site visits from:

•    Emergency Light Testing - 12 visits to 0 visits.

•    Legionella Testing - 12 visits to 0 visits.

•    Fire Alarm - 6 monthly and annual Testing to 1 visit.