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We provide our remote CCTV monitoring services with both Indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras. Developed to enhance the electronic monitoring of entrances, exits, as well as expensive high-end goods and occupants within the premises.

Our service allows designated persons responsible to log into their business’s security system and CCTV camera network, via almost any electronic device. Enabling the monitoring of the business from anywhere in the world.

Business owners can log in and oversee multiple CCTV footage. Allowing for the surveillance of the premises if the alarm were to be triggered, or simply to conduct random security checks. CCTV cameras fixed near entrances provide an additional layer of security, acting as a deterrent to criminal activity, while allowing staff to also verify the identity of visitors, avoiding having to undergo in person encounters that could be a threat to both staff and the premises.

Significant improvements in communications technology have made remote video surveillance a viable option for security and productivity.

Our CCTV remote monitoring service enables the CCTV system to transmit a video feed to the onsite facility, further promoting the accessibility of allowing the system to be monitored from anywhere in the world.

If you require our Remote Monitoring CCTV surveillance system, either indoors or outdoors, at your site or multiple different sites that you manage, you can contact us today - 01604 696113.

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