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We quickly convert initial briefs into planned, visualised and costed lighting projects. This allows you to gain a richer picture of what your installation will look like, meaning any alterations can be made quickly and before work starts.

All our luminaires are offered with a five-year warranty

Every one of our lighting solutions is produced in the UK

Our team operates with flexibility and routinely meets tight turnaround times

​Bespoke solutions



We understand your project goals and then work together to craft the optimum lighting solution. The insights gained from such a wealth of experience are there to support you at every step of the way, extending well beyond when the final installation is fitted and always communicated in a clear and up-front way.

Our commitment ensures timely delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient products tailored to your needs. By keeping everything from initial design to final manufacturing under one roof, we can deliver this from standard fittings right through to complex, bespoke work. This is all combined with no minimum order charge, a unique proposition within the lighting industry, and free next day delivery on all our stock items.

Our ongoing commitment to better serve our customers means that we maintain an active product development initiative. This programme continues to improve our tools and streamline our production processes, ensuring that we can deliver efficiency gains to you quickly.

Only through this dedication can we claim to be the perfect choice for all lighting solutions.

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Lighting Design

Our in-house lighting design team ensures this is never the case, meaning you can see a brief converted into plans, costs and compliance considerations quickly and efficiently.


A dedicated project manager will work with you throughout, allowing for a deep understanding of the space being worked on, resulting in a lighting solution that perfectly aligns with your function, budget and energy requirements. We also offer a range of visualisation options, from detailed layout drawings to fully rendered 3D mock ups, meaning you can see exactly what your installation will look like and make all necessary adjustments before work begins.


Carrying out alterations at this stage is simple and backed by our decades of experience, freeing up your mind to innovate and push boundaries without fear of incurring excessive costs and wasting resources.

Bespoke Lighting

Opting for bespoke work gives you access to our in-house, UK-based team of designers and luminaire development engineers. They use their decades of experience to adjust whatever aspect of lighting design your project requires, whether that’s aesthetic refinement or altering the technical composition.

Operating in this highly flexible and knowledge-rich way means that every bespoke product is grounded in the perfect blend of form, function and technical excellence, as well as allowing us to comfortably adhere to strict turnaround times and adapt to changing trends within the industry.

Each one of our custom-made lighting solutions is also designed to deliver both now and in the future, especially crucial given the extreme importance set to be placed on energy efficiency in the coming decades.

The Promptus PCB was developed through years of strenuous R&D. We are proud to have the most versatile PCB on the market, which has allowed us to fit our devices into any existing light fitting but also supply the PCB to manufacturers to use as they wish.

Choose Promptus now and see a rapid return on investment

User friendly interface

All dashboards come with a fully smart compatible user interface with reports, notifcations and alerts. This as well as any historical and real-time data.

Non-invasive bespoke install options

We ensure a hassle-free installation with our wireless air quality monitors - installs are quick, simple and customised to fit your unique site requirements. 

Proof of quality

Showcase  your commitment to quality of air with our "Made in Britain" air quality sensors in the workplace.

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Emergency Lighting

Image by John Schnobrich

Further Services

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