Construction workers on work site


Construction companies are adopting new measures to gain a competitive edge by digitalising their businesses. Promptus Ltd’s asset management and asset tracking devices utilise the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor structures and equipment.

This state-of-the-art construction asset management system significantly reduces construction site risks, saving time and costs as well.

Asset Tracking

Track and monitor all construction assets and personnel in real-time via our platform. With data available on the customisable DASHBOARD 24/7, this provides a full, transparent view of a supply chain, allowing for increased productivity and saved resources.

Construction Site Security

Many construction projects these days take place in remote areas. Perimeter security is often expensive, and over 90% of construction businesses have experienced repeated theft.

Our radio gateway and tagging systems enable clients to have complete control and visibility to monitor their assets in real-time. Our network can easily integrate with other security tools like CCTV cameras and panic alarms.

Worker Safety and Productivity

Our services make it easy to monitor the safety and productivity of employees and site visitors, in turn reducing costs.

Our lone worker solutions track workers’ safety and location in real time, with instant 'man-down' alerts, panic buttons and direct links back to the main operations team.

  • Enhance project performance and ROI

  • Streamline your workflows and reduce bottlenecks

  • Assess risks and respond to problems immediately

  • Improve productivity, health and safety

  • Reduce theft and damage