Skyscraper windows


Promptus’ bespoke smart building and smart facilities management software solutions provide real-time visibility of entire buildings, with live notifications, alarms and asset tracking - combined on our all-encompassing DASHBOARD. This platform allows users to automate compliance testing and reporting, put an end to scheduled maintenance and maximise your building’s efficiency.

Energy Monitoring and Control

Our solutions monitor the condition of buildings and all the utilities inside through state-of-the-art IoT technology. From this, it is possible to quickly and clearly identify where energy is being wasted, which means clients can reduce costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Air Monitoring

Monitor the quality of the air in your building, stay compliant with maintenance legislation and protect the health and safety of your staff.

Smart Lights

Swap traditional existing bulbs for integrated LEDs with smart tags, giving you complete remote control of lighting systems. Set specific times and automatically shutdown if vacancy is detected.

  • Put an end to scheduled maintenance

  • Real-time asset tracking and building visibility

  • Real-time notifications and alarms

  • All-encompassing management platform

  • Automated compliance reporting