Container Yard


Clients can manage worldwide assets in real-time and reduce commercial costs with Promptus’ smart logistics visibility and supply chain visibility solutions. With real-time data on all important assets and personnel, businesses can reduce costs and increase productivity.

Visualising locations and managing critical goods in real time streamlines field operations, reduces inefficiencies and delivers better insights that improve client service levels. Improve your supply chain visibility.

Supply Chain Visibility

Smarter Technologies has the tools to enable you to automate your supply chain logistics for enhanced supply chain visibility. Our technology collects accurate real-time data on the location, temperature, condition and safety of your assets.

By instituting control on depots and inventory management with the option of digital proof of delivery and the ability to protect cargo and staff, the Orion Network can secure your facility with a daily global audit. You’ll also receive real-time alerts from your smart logistics platform to inform you of unexpected events.

Fleet Monitoring

Our Smarter Logistics service provides you with the best vehicle tracking software to monitor and manage your fleet. By attaching low-power radio tags to tools and equipment, we ensure that you will get accurate data on the performance and maintenance of your assets—with real-time visibility that provides insight into the location, behaviour and status of all your automotive assets.

  • Access control on depots and inventory management

  • Digitalised proof of delivery

  • Protect valuable cargo and staff operating alone

  • Retrieve and recover lost or stolen cargo

  • Reverse logistics help retrieve pallets and other empty storage containers

  • Enhanced asset visibility with a daily global audit

  • Long-life battery solution provides a secure alternative to built-in vehicle telematics

  • Save costs– decreases the need for expensive GSM-based solutions

  • Reduce insurance liability

  • Offer services to other companies operating within your facility