Our Remote Monitoring service allows us to provide this innovative technology and service to build around the ever growing challenges that clients face on a regular basis, in this case achieving a support service to clients that at first, they didn't know was possible.

A good example of this is when working with sites that require the management of electrical load demands.


Commercial premises with huge electrical demand can often have real problems with the unscheduled dropping out of power. This caused by the demand from the machinery / equipment, or in this case, Electric vehicle charging points, demanding too much power from the site, resulting in power outages.


Should this become a regular occurrence for a site, there are ways in which this issue can be solved remotely, through us. Our EV Remote monitoring system allows the total control of your access points regardless of where you are in the world, via our unique control panel dashboard.


This dashboard will give the client user the ability to, with the touch of a button, completely cut the demand of charging points, halting the load demand from all required charging points at any time that you require.

Eliminating the requirement to manually shut off each individual charging access point.

If you require our EV Charging Station control at your site or multiple different sites that you manage, you can contact us today - 01604 696113.