At Promptus we have now developed a new sophisticated solution to monitor and support fire alarm panels alongside smoke detectors remotely. Fire alarm systems are essential in providing an early warning in the event of fire. They help to save lives and protect property, whilst also fulfilling the needs of insurance companies and government departments.

Our system is fully accessible by both Promptus employees as well as the nominated system operator of the client choice. Subsequently, the system is interrogated and assistance is offered thereby helping for the reduction of costs and for the number of unnecessary site visits/call outs required.

Many of our clients have had an existing fire alarm system, but not that system monitored remotely.

Our system is able to be monitored and managed from anywhere in the world with all data logged and shown live via our dashboard and secure online portal.


Whilst also connecting to the existing fire alarm panels and smoke detectors, as well as manual call points. Our remote monitoring has multiple features such as alarm management, auto reporting, whilst running 24/7 without any errors and being accessible for any client employees that require reports, or to be notified. Our wireless sensors and data logging can also be implemented without needing to change the architecture of an existing fire alarm system.

If you require Remote Monitoring of your Fire alarm panels and smoke detectors at your site, or multiple different sites that you manage, you can contact us today - 01604 696113.