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Minimal routers required -  therefore saving on install money.


Full mesh system available, meaning seamless device to send data and reach gateway.

Can interconnect a lot of devices in one place using external controllers, usually up to 64 devices - Mostly used in office spaces.

Hardwired monitoring systems can be more expensive and time-consuming to implement than wireless sensors, but they have many advantages as well. Because hardwired sensors are physically connected by wires to the base unit, they are faster and more reliable than wireless sensors.

Wireless data transmissions are affected by distance, which means that wireless sensors will not perform as well if they are too far from the base unit. Thick walls, metal enclosures and other structures may also interfere with the wireless signal.


Wired technology is not impacted by electronic interference or distance like Wi-Fi technology, which helps to improve the speed and consistency of the data stream.

The cost of installing wired sensors depends on the size of the monitored area, how many sensors you need to install and how easy it is to access the internal network and cabling.

All device types can be combined together to form hybrid systems, perfect for bespoke, unique site requirements.

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