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The role IoT can have on managing the ever growing EV infrastructure

Numerous studies emphasise the importance of IoT in coordinating and linking EV charging stations both now and in the future.

EV charging service providers see an opportunity for company growth as consumers, governments, and the automotive industry in general, look toward a more sustainable and effective substitute to fossil fuel vehicles.

However, they must successfully manage and maintain a rapidly expanding number of charging stations to ensure that they are used and profitable while providing their consumers with a seamless charging experience.

The impact of IoT on EV

The orchestration, management, and maintenance of EV charging stations are streamlined by IoT, resulting in a 15% reduction in annual monitoring expenses. EV charging companies may benefit from using IoT connection to enhance the deployment, management, upkeep, and service delivery of their charging stations.

In particular, the Internet of Things (IoT) supports user authorization, payment procedures, station monitoring and maintenance, and smart energy management. It also offers useful data to enhance planning and create new client services.

The built-in security features of cellular IoT connectivity are another benefit, providing rapid value addition in addition to dependable coverage wherever it is used.

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