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ROI (return on investment)

The return on investment (ROI) from IoT and remote monitoring for your business can vary widely depending on several factors such as the industry, type of application, implementation strategy, and business objectives.

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See a rapid return on investments with our innovative IoT enabled solutions, already active at some of the UK's biggest FM's and energy providers in the UK. 


Below we will breakdown the numbers behind these solutions as well as showcasing just some of the successful use cases of integrated IoT solutions that are already seeing clients realising high ROI's!


Improved efficiency and productivity - IoT and remote monitoring can help businesses streamline their operations, reduce manual labor, and minimise human error. By automating routine tasks and providing real-time insights, businesses can optimise their workflows and increase productivity.

Cost savings - IoT and remote monitoring can help businesses reduce costs associated with equipment maintenance, energy usage, and resource consumption. By monitoring equipment performance and detecting issues early, businesses can avoid costly downtime and repairs.

Data analytics - The ROI of IoT and remote monitoring can be significantly enhanced by leveraging data analytics to gain insights and drive decision-making. Businesses that invest in data analytics capabilities can gain a deeper understanding of their operations and make more informed decisions, leading to higher ROI.

Competitive advantage - Leveraging IoT and remote monitoring can provide a competitive advantage by enabling businesses to offer new and innovative services, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the customer experience. This can lead to increased market share and higher revenue, contributing to a higher ROI over time.

On average, ROI's will be realised after 11 months, using our IoT & remote monitoring devices with Remo-Tech™ Hybrid Technology

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Save HUGE overheads on Emergency Lighting Testing!

When testing 5000 luminaires In 1 year, manual testing of emergency lighting will on average, cost you: £150,700.

In year 1 - testing with our Remo-Tech™ Remote Monitoring Hybrid Testing per annum will cost you: £135,000, saving you £15,700.

In year 5 - testing with our Remo-Tech™ Remote Monitoring Hybrid Testing per annum will save you: £618,500.

In year 10 - testing with our Remo-Tech™ Remote Monitoring Hybrid Testing per annum will save you: £1,372,000.00.

EML Testing Comparison
Self-deliver cost to test EML's per annum

Yearly test costs
Quantity (how many EML's)
Monthly test times
Yearly test times
Income taxes

Remo-Tech™ Remote Monitoring Testing

per annum Hybrid testing

Hybrid device hardware cost (combined GSM and BT &Wi-Fi)
GSM device hardware cost
Bluetooth & Wi-Fi hardware cost
Total for 5000 luminaires (834 GSM and 4166 BT & Wi-Fi combined)
Total for 6 luminaires (1 GSM and 5 BT-Wi-Fi combined)
Each device cost

Comparing every year how much save/loss for testing manually comparing to remote monitored for 5000 luminaires

Time accrued
Cost and money saved
in 10 years
in 5 years
in 1 year
in 6 months

What we offer clients

Minimum 5 year warranty - All clients will have a minimum guarantee of 5 year warranty on the technological equipment that we use for all of the smart solutions implemented at their work premises.

Get £1 million buyback in under 10 years - Clients can save as much as £1 million in 10 years or less with us. This by enhancing energy saving with more energy effiicient smart systems, as well cutting out expensive overheads by significantly reducing the requirement for frequent engineer callouts.

Match day rate cost with installation - For all of the smart solutions implemented at your premises, the initial installation cost will match, or be lower than the average day rate of an engineer call-out fee.

What are you waiting for?

  • Monitor and manage energy usage to make smarter, informed decisions for future plans

  • Start reducing your energy bills by thousands each year

  • Cutting down on tons of your carbon emissions

  • Making leaps towards Net zero targets 

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