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Thermal Monitoring

We provide the same thermography technology that most engineers carry handheld, whilst conducting manual thermal imaging surveys. Much like these surveys, our thermal condition monitoring helps identify problems before they can become hazards, this significantly reducing costly production stops and freeing up time for functionality.

Our thermal condition monitoring is extremely effective when used in client plant rooms/substations and when monitoring electrical and mechanical installations. These type of critical systems are best treated when closely monitored. Our thermal imaging cameras can be fixed or mounted in place to allow for constant, 24/7 monitoring.


Typical machinery that is best monitored with this service includes high and low-voltage installations, turbines, compressors, and other electrical and mechanical equipment. Sometimes processes need to be monitored because an anomaly can cause dangerous situations. For example, flares that have a flame invisible to the naked eye need to be monitored, in order to see if they are effectively burning gas exhaust.

If you require our Thermal image Remote Monitoring at your site, or multiple different sites that you manage, you can contact us today - 01604 696113.

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