GSM injection.png



Perfect for use in depot's / control rooms / power plants.


A more secure pathway than most systems.


Long reach available.


Full mesh system available with gateways to cover a whole premises.

Can eliminate any costs for buying routers and used existing gateways, extremely cost-effective.

Can reach faster speeds and connect to multiple devices at once.

Wi-Fi devices can work with 2 way (sending and receiving data simultaneously) or 1 way communication.


Devices can be connected to the main power supply or work on batteries for 5+ years. To save components and power there is an option to  pre-configure intervals at which data is sent to meet any clients needs.


It is possible to measure internal temperature and battery capacity, it helps to ensure reliable performance without overloading or degrading components and saving any potential visits to far, remote sites.

All device types can be combined together to form hybrid systems, perfect for bespoke, unique site requirements.

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