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About us

Control, monitor and access key site performance data, from anywhere in the world!

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Doing things differently

It is an exciting time to be involved in the Remote Monitoring & Internet of Things (IoT) space.

IoT is an extremely important tool for powering the future, some of the advancements in technology are truly remarkable.

Through our understanding of the technology, here at Promptus Ltd, we've been able to create new and uniquely innovative methods for solving a whole variety of workplace challenges that are faced on a daily basis.

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We give clients a complete overview and access to information they simply never had before, regarding all aspects of site safety and performance that are integrated with our Remote Monitoring & IoT solutions, all in one place. Powered by our patented REMO-TECH™ software and hardware.


In summary - clients can oversee, manage, and obtain live real-time data for multiple assets, all via one portal/dashboard. 

Logging in to the Vigilate™ cloud-based portal, users can view and download specific logbooks, as well as oversee and manage various different elements of their remote monitoring, with live alerts and notifications whenever required.

Building a better tomorrow, today


As we’ve seen in recent years, the UK government have brought forward new guidelines to stipulate energy reductions as well as added incentives such as grants and schemes.


Sustainability is at the very forefront of these proposed plans. 

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With a greater corporate responsibility, now more than ever, commercial companies are being tasked with exploring every possible avenue that will help them establish methods for improved management of their energy consumption, energy usage and carbon emissions.

We have a proven track record of helping businesses manage their energy better and realise huge ROI's in the process.

We'd love to help guide your business towards becoming better connected, by digitally enhancing how you manage and oversee it.

With our industry leading knowledge and expertise, backed by our very own innovative hardware and software, we are best placed to support you on your journey to evolving how you do things, for the better.

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