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Our focus is on providing energy efficient and “clean green” technology solutions for organisations that are environmentally and energy consumption conscious.


As we are sure that you will be aware, the regulatory, commercial, and environmental bodies put carbon reduction at the top of the agenda for every type of organisation, regardless of industry.

Reducing carbon from your operations will pose some different challenges and the measures required will always differ for unique types of companies.

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350 million tonnes

UK's yearly CO₂ emissions

309.20 billion kWh

of electricity consumed per year in UK

318.20 billion kWh

of electricity used in production per year in UK

Image by Scott Webb

We have some of the most cutting edge technology that combines reduction in energy consumption, whilst remaining high value additions to the modern workplace.

We recognise that the world is changing and faster than most people realise. Our goal is to empower businesses and enlighten them not just by enhancing their use of smart remote monitoring and IoT technology, but by utilising “clean green” low carbon emissions technology in the process too. That will provide a guaranteed return on investment as well as a huge impact on enhancing functionality at the same time. 

We know that specialist support is vital to ensure you take the most effective steps to save energy and invite you to query us on how we can help you achieve this. 

As you can see here, the largest area of energy consumption in the UK is Transport.

Installing Promptus devices massively reduces the travel needed for goods and services, such as engineers visiting site.

Furthermore, our Dashboard allows complete visibility of your systems and where any energy wastage is occuring.

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