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General Services Brochure

This is an overview of our main services, which briefly explains how our systems work and the benefits.

Promptus general sales.png

Technical Services Brochure

This is a detailed breakdown of how Promptus devices work and what they can offer clients.

Promptus (2).png

EMLT Brochure

Automated EMLT testing is our most popular service. This brochure gives a brief overview of this solution.

Promptus EMLT sales.png

Legionella Testing Brochure

See how remote, precise temperature monitoring and data logging can make dealing with water systems systems.

Promptus Legionella sales.png

Air Quality Brochure

This brochure covers our Air Quality solution, and how you can optimise the quality and cleanliness of the air within your workplace.

Promptus Air Quality sales.png
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