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Save upwards of 50% by switching to an automated Legionella Management system 

Don't allow your water systems to lay dormant, becoming susceptible to Legionella bacteria. Protect all the water systems in your building with our sophisticated, IoT based remotely powered, legionella management.

Manual testing and flushing of water systems can often be laborious and leave a lot of room for human error. 

Smarten up your Legionella compliance with our IoT solution, enabling automated temperature monitoring and auto-flushing.

To maintain a Legionella free and compliant workplace you are required to:

Monitor water temperature at regular intervals.

Record results obtained and store for no less than 5 years.

Flush the taps in your premises (hot and cold) for no less than 2 minutes.

Reduce site visits whilst reducing risk

With our automated Legionella management and temperature monitoring solution we enable those responsible for maintaining Legionella compliance the ability to significantly minimise the chance of Legionella outbreaks.


Protecting all staff and visitors present at your place of work.

Automated alerts when temperatures change.

Automated data updates regarding temperature levels.

Accurate data logging, recording and storing for future use.

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The Benefits

Prevent serious penalties and big fines by meeting relevant water safety guidelines.

Safeguard all staff members and visitors from contracting Legionnaires disease.

Avoid costly engineer call-outs by mitigating risks with real-time remote monitoring of all water systems.

Make smarter long-term decisions by gathering insightful data on water safety.

Prevent harmful legionella bacteria from spreading and causing an outbreak at site.

Reduce the possibility of human error and save time by streamlining processes.

Unlike traditional temperature monitoring and manual testing methods...

Our automated system will allow you to stay on top of things with real-time temperature tracking and monitoring. Meaning nothing goes unnoticed and everything is logged automatically to the supporting cloud-portal, Vigilate™.

Remote Monitoring
Empty Factory

Large, empty sites can be prone to Legionella due to stagnant water

We can combine our automated Legionella monitoring system with auto-flushing. This will ensure frequent, automated, or controlled flushing to prevent water from lying dormant and stagnant, for Legionella to grow. 

Swiftly locate and identify issues that could result in a Legionella outbreak

With our remote monitoring system you'll be informed of any early signs of problems or conditions that could allow a legionella outbreak if left alone.

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Digital Tablet

Increase sustainability by eradicating the need for manual water testing

With our remote monitoring system you'll be informed of any early signs of problems or conditions that could allow a legionella outbreak if left alone.

ROI within months

Automated logbooks with Legionella reports real-time

Up to 10 years of battery life

Relevant products are Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) approved

UKAS calibrated temperature sensors

No more manual testing!

We're helping clients monitor the health and safety of their water systems whilst preventing the growth and spread of Legionella, entirely remotely.

Contact us and we can get you started and help revolutionise the way that you handle water safety measures, all remotely.

All equipment and devices are WRAS approved

Temperature trending and system profiling of all buildings

Proactive Legionella control tools for increased compliance & user safety

Monitor the performance of flushing programmes

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Emergency Lighting


Air Quality

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