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Our Legionella Remote Monitoring brings you the latest technology for precise temperature monitoring and data logging. Our method for monitoring the temperature of water systems offers nothing but a high quality and hugely beneficial service for all of our clients. Main benefits that can be realised by our clients, involve: significantly reducing the costs of maintenance, as well as being able to access records from anywhere in the world, along with improving and simplifying the monitoring of Legionella compliance.

Legionella Remote Monitoring involves the fitting of probes or what they are more commonly known as, temperature readers. These probes or temperature readers, are installed on hot and cold pipe work, where they will begin monitoring and collecting water temperature data.

In our case, the data that they are collecting is then logged onto our secure cloud based online portal, via our hub that is fitted onsite and that will initially collect the data before sending it to the cloud. All of the information collected will then be available for 24/7 client viewing, and for storage purposes.


Promptus Legionella Remote Monitoring uses the very latest automated technology, meaning no need for manual temperature monitoring. Resulting in much greater convenience for site operators, as hours spent on the road travelling to different sites are cut short, this amounting to huge reduction of costs on both travel and labour. As well as improving the overall functionality and structure of your management system, with all records and data being easy to access from anywhere and available all in one place.


As mentioned above, the beauty of this service is that it eradicates the need for scheduled monthly manual temperature monitoring visits. This service is truly the future of Legionella compliance.