Our Legionella Remote Monitoring brings you the latest technology for precise temperature monitoring and data logging. Our method for monitoring the temperature of water systems offers nothing but a high quality and hugely beneficial service for all of our clients. Main benefits that can be realised by our clients, involve: significantly reducing the costs of maintenance, as well as being able to access records from anywhere in the world, along with improving and simplifying the process of monitoring of Legionella compliance.

We have a unique service that combines our advanced technology of IoT (Internet of things) with our expertise and knowledge of looking after different commercial buildings and the management of different facilities in different sectors.

How our Legionella service works:

  • Wireless temperatures sensors are placed in the best possible areas in the buildings water system network.

  • Temperature data is then captured by the sensors and sent to our information dashboard or direct to clients preferred devices.

  • As with all of our monitoring, all performance data is compared against pre-set parameters on a continuous basis.

  • Any irregularity or issue with the temperature will instantly be flagged, with an automatic call to action in terms of an alert via email, phone call, text or the corrective solution to take for the elected recipient.

Benefits of Legionella Remote Monitoring:

  • This service has a low cost and is far more convenient when contrasted with manual measures, such as water sampling or flushing.

  • Superior accuracy to any other measuring method.

  • Ensuring greater compliance to be realised, as well as on a consistent, constant basis.

  • Our equipment can be easy fitted and installed at your site.

  • As with all of our services, data can be stored to be used at a later date, whether for simple record keeping or for future evidential requirements.

  • Customisable, precise, and detailed risk reporting can be enabled on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.

If you require Legionella Remote Monitoring at your site or, multiple sites that you manage, you can contact us today - 01604 696113.