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How it works


Data collection - Dependent on your specific site requirements, our Remote Monitoring services allow for an abundance of data capturing. Whichever service you require, our REMO-TECH™ systems periodically capture the required information with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly. 


Manage - Our secure online cloud-based portal is available for users to log in from any device. Here, clients can manage and alter different elements of site alerts as well as control site systems, with automated reports scheduled and sent when appropriate. 


Access - As long as the user has an internet connection, they can access the portal from anywhere in the world. Details can be analysed, and the relevant personnel can receive the required notification via email, text, or call, providing a complete overview.

How we operate

Stage 1: Site survey

Our team of technical experts will visit site at an arranged time that best suits the client, reviewing and inspecting the premises in order to gain a better understanding of existing systems. This allows us to determine what will be required, and what can be improved to best enhance and streamline the functionality of systems.

Stage 2: Project plan

The project will then be handed over to our team of Internet of Things (IoT) specialists who will further review information obtained from the previous survey of premises. We then select the most practical, suitable, and client friendly solution for the specific project in hand.

Stage 3: Project

Our team of fully accredited and qualified engineers will be instructed to visit site, installing the most efficient remote monitoring solution that has been devised in the project plan.

Stage 4: Data upload
and evaluation

All data collated from the implementation of the monitoring system, will be automatically uploaded and placed into multiple user-friendly, easy to understand reports. These can be downloaded into multiple formats and live data diagrams, with a constant feed of real-time information that will be accessible and actionable for the client on our secure, online, cloud-based portal. 

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