Capturing - Dependent on your specific site requirements, our Remote Monitoring service allows for an abundance of data capturing. Whether you require temperature monitoring, motion sensor detection, occupancy sensors, battery level status, thermal detection, the list goes on, our wireless sensors periodically capture the required data with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly.


Logging - Partnering our data capturing tools, is the onsite hub, this hub is responsible for logging all of the required data and performance measurements. Regardless of location, the local hub will then be responsible for transmitting the captured data to our secure online portal. The logging hub will be present and local to every environment being monitored by us.


Managing - Our secure online cloud based portal will be available for users to login from wherever they are in the world. Here, historical data can be viewed by the client and ourselves, with the relevant information displayed via our sophisticated dashboards. Here, clients as well as ourselves if required, can manage notifications and have automated reports scheduled and sent when appropriate.


Access - From anywhere in the world, users can access the portal by simply having an internet connection. Meaning details can be studied and programmed with specific notifications for each measurement. Relevant personnel can be set to receive the required notification. Via email, text, or paging. Reports can be easily distributed to and scheduled for specific time frames, giving an individual a complete overview and control of their site.