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Enhance the health, wellbeing, and productivty of all occupants within the office

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, this is especially important as it relates to the health and comfort of all building occupants. By understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors, we can help substantially reduce the risk of indoor health concerns.

By improving the indoor air quality of your building you are going to prevent the following issues from occuring:

Poor health - this can be both mental and physical, with building specific problems such as toxic air pollutants that can cause Sick Building Syndrome, as well as Airborne diseases.

Low staff wellbeing with low productivity - discomfort from poor air quality will lead to staff members showing much less productivity and negatively impact staff morale.

Energy wastage - by going smart with your indoor air quality you can quickly start to learn where you are losing money and how to maximise return on investment.

Control and reduce air polution within your working environment by monitoring in real-time and creating a clear understanding of air quality

Continuous real-time monitoring of air quality.

Record results obtained and store for up to 5 years.

Action results obtained from continued monitoring by improving workplace conditons.

We help you promote a healthy working environment with clean air quality management

As well as being bad for the environment, If left untreated, high concentrations of C02 in confined or poorly ventilated areas such as offices, are proven to have negative and harmful impacts on occupants.


We deploy our air quality sensors that enable real-time air quality monitoring, our sensors will observe the levels of carbon dioxide, noxious gases and other pollutants.


Automatically recording and storing the recorded data is for up to 5 years. All data is accessible on the cloud-based portal, viewable via your very own, customised Vigilate™ dashboard.


To access all of this information all you need is internet access, a laptop, PC, or smart device.


 Essentially meaning you can access, activiely monitor and manage our solutions from anywhere in the world.

Improve environmental conditions.

Prevent occupant exposure to harmful pollutants.

Improve employee productivity and morale.

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The Benefits

Monitor, measure and generate reports on air quality for the office in real-time.

Protect the building you work in by removing stale air, and controlling humidty.

Safeguard people in the workplace by reducing exposure to harmful air pollutants.

Oversee, manage, and monitor air quality from anywhere regardless of your location.

Get live updates regarding the quality of air within the office at all times.

Gain valuable insights regarding improving both finances and sustainability.

Stay updated in real-time with instant alerts of any risks to air quality


Our IoT powered, and remote air quality monitoring system uses a variety of different sensors to monitor the air quality in relevant areas of a building. The data collected is sent to the cloud-based dashboard, Vigilate™. Our system will alert users if any risk to air quality is detected.

On the Phone
Bright Room

Use data and insights to adjust air quaility for better future practises 


By monitoring, recording, and logging the air quality within your workplace you'll gain key insights regarding active air pollutants. Taking the vital steps to prevent them from impacting the quality of air in the near and distant future.

Protect people in your workplace and demonstrate correct safety procedures

Frequent and continuous air pollution monitoring is crucial for ensuring the safety of staff and visitors is accounted for. We help clients streamline the process of polution monitoring, ensuring that all relevant information is readily available.

Working on Train

Monitor changes in the air quality while on the move, from anywhere

Manage air quality devices across multiple dwellings, regardless of your own specific location, all that is required is a PC, laptop or a smart device.

ROI within months

Improve employee and visitor wellbeing

One platform to manage air quality devices across multiple buildings

Improve air quality for your building occupancy

We provide multiple services that allow us to remotely monitor as well as optimise the quality and cleanliness of the air within your workplace. 

Choose Promptus now and see a rapid return on investment

User friendly interface

All dashboards come with a fully smart compatible user interface with reports, notifcations and alerts. This as well as any historical and real-time data.

Non-invasive bespoke install options

We ensure a hassle-free installation with our wireless air quality monitors - installs are quick, simple and customised to fit your unique site requirements. 

Proof of quality

Showcase  your commitment to quality of air with our "Made in Britain" air quality sensors in the workplace.

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Emergency Lighting

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