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Automating your Emergency Lighting will see a return on investment in under 11 months!

Instead of the time, money and effort wasted on arranging testing, having testing carried out and charging your emergency lighting - we offer an automated alternative that will save you hundreds in the first months and thousands in the years to come! 

Eliminate the need for manual testing and logging of testing records.

Simplify the maintenance process instead, by automating both testing & record keeping.

Our Remote EMLT service offers flexibility and cost savings to your workplace

Our appliances can be implemented in any existing light fitting.

Consistently monitor and test light performance remotely.

Live alerts (email, text, call) if any irregularity occurs.

Reduce site visits whilst remaining compliant

Our solutions save you money and time. With our onboard tracking system, we can accurately monitor and record data for each and every luminaire, all shown in real-time on the Vigilate™ dashboard. This allows for complete control and visibility of all your Emergency Lighting systems.

Automated alerts when irregularities occur.

Automated data updates regarding light performance.

Accurate data logging, recording and storing for future use.

The Benefits

Prevent serious penalties and big fines by meeting relevant compliance guidelines.

LED is now the main light source used for safety and performance.

Avoid costly engineer call-outs by mitigating risks with real-time remote monitoring of Emergency Lighting.

Make smart long-term decisions by gathering insightful data on all emergency light fittings.

The open protocol allows our product to work with any platform, so devices can be implemented in any existing light fitting.

Reduce the possibility of human error and save time by streamlining processes.

Easily track and monitor standard light fittings within your premises

Due to our onboard tracking system we can accurately monitor and record data for each and every luminarie. These can be found on our dashboard with clear and easy to understand metrics.

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Financial Data

Self-test & self-charge capabilities

We are able to not only fit emergency lighting that will self-charge, but we also provide fittings that have the capability to self-test too. We are able to remotely monitor both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lighting systems.

Retrofit lighting

Completely bespoke to how you wish it to function, whether it be a mixture of standard operations, or if you prefer lighting systems to have self-test and self-charge capabilities. Our solution caters to all requirements.

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Cloudy Day

Increase sustainability by eradicating the need for manual EMLT testing


With our remote monitoring system you'll be informed of any early signs of problems or conditions with lighting systems or the batteries.

ROI within months

5 year warranty on all luminaries

Retrofit lighting (completely bespoke)

Self testing remotely with life cycle monitoring

Online logbooks with alerts via email, text or call

Automated fault recording

Any faults or issues with lighting or battery life are recordered instantly with an automated alert sent out to the relevant personel for further attention. Individual luminaires are pinpointed and so are easily checked.


Compliance tests are carried out automatically and our system generates the test reports, which we are also able to print and send to you should you require a hard copy for your files.

Download our Emergency Light Data Sheet below:

Receive Emergency Light Data Sheet 

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Air Quality

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