Remote monitoring of Emergency lighting is the solution to help monitor installations remotely and in real time, with a constant live feed available via our dashboards.​ Promptus provide a comprehensive range of emergency lighting monitoring systems as well as testing solutions. Designed to meet all required scales of project. Helping remove all of the negative disruptions and impacts that manual testing can have on the functionality and productivity of the modern day workplace.  It is important to note that all of our testing solutions provided are compliant with the standard of IEC 62034.

Our emergency lighting monitoring and control system controls and monitors the emergency lights in a building. A central control unit automatically schedules self tests for each of the emergency lights and stores the results of the tests in memory. We are able to remotely monitor both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lighting systems.

Regardless of the individual Emergency lighting fitting, we are able to accurately monitor and record data that can be found on our dashboard, with clear and easy to understand readings for both ourselves and the client to access from anywhere in the world via our secure online portal. We are able to charge and monitor the charge of multiple fittings throughout a premises, as shown below by the following examples.

This service allows us to perform independent battery tests. Our system logs the live battery level status that can be found in the dashboard, and will report the issue to the selected personnel via whatever contact method is best suitable for your site maintenance task force. Enabling your maintenance team to then locate said luminaire from a map view, and take the necessary actions.

If you require Remote Monitoring of your Emergency Lighting at your site, or multiple different sites that you manage, you can contact us today - 01604 696113.