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Air Quality

We provide multiple services that allow us to remotely monitor as well as optimize the quality   and cleanliness of the air within your workplace. 

Benefiting factors include:

Reduce energy consumption

Save time and effort

Improve employee and visitor wellbeing

​​Greatly enhance the mood, morale and productivity of employees

Future proof your workplace:

We monitor metrics regarding your air quality and consumption, in order to allow you to not only improve your buildings sustainability, but also help you to reduce your overheads significantly at the same time!

Our sensors help prevent:


Humid environments


If humidity levels are too high, rot and mold will develop, whilst low humidity can lead to the spreading of airborne viruses and increase the likelihood of colds, flu virus and respiratory illness.

Harmful levels of CO₂

When breathing out, carbon dioxide (CO₂) is created, this impacts not only health, but also productivity. In most cases levels of CO₂ in the air can be a key indicator of the ventilation in the room.

Fluctuating temperatures

It is proven that temperature will affect a persons mood, their comfort level, as well as alertness.

Problematic particulate matter

Particulate matter such as dirt, dust and other particles can become suspended in the air.

Nauseating weight of air

Weight of air, also referred to as barometric pressure, in certain circumstances will cause headaches, joint stiffness and pain, as well as fatigue.

COVID-19 & other airborne viruses

If left untreated your environment indoors can easily cause the survival of airborne viruses inturn increasing the likelihood of spread.


Take action today and optimize your workplace air quality, to realise a plethora of greatly beneficial results

Measure the inputs and outputs of your workplace air quality, gaining key insights into how best to improve occupant experience


Gain real-time visuals on your chosen device when air levels change significantly

24/7 entirely remote control, manage and view of remote systems on site 

Complete schematic overview of your building premises floorplan

Real-time plus historical air quality data across all relevant areas remotely monitored 

One platform to manage air quality devices across multiple dwellings   

Easy use dashboard for all relevant personnel to operate 

All hubs connect freely to cellular tower without need for "middle man" servers

Receive instant and customised alerts and notifications on all device types

Adapt, change, and remove devices as you go

Viewable data and metrics in mutliple different formats of your choice

Complete access to a host of different integrations    

Dedicated Promptus Ltd support team    

Choose Promptus now and see a rapid return on investment

User friendly interface

All dashboards come with fully smart compatible user interface with reports, notifcations and alerts, as well as any historical and real-time data.

Non-invasive bespoke install options

We ensure a hassle-free installation with our wireless air quality monitors - installs are quick, simple and customised to fit your unique site requirements. 

Proof of quality

Showcase  your commitment to quality of air with our "Made in Britain" air quality sensors in the workplace.

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Emergency Light

Image by CDC

Covid Prevention

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