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Our PCB brings the user many benefits, when installed in existing fittings and also at the manufacturing stage..

Open protocol – sits on top of any platform


Depending on requirements, further services can be 'unlocked' without extra installation


A number of products rolled into one solution


Significantly less failure points and limitations than other systems


No specific software engineer required for maintenance


Encrypted data with Bespoke Connectivity



Open secure protocol – HTTPs, TCP/IP, MQTT or webhooks integration to any platform


Unique connectivity – GSM, Wi-Fi, BT or Hybrid for smart building solutions


Unlimited flexibility – Groove, Stemma QT, solar connectors with integrated temperature and GPRS sensor.


Battery power solution - Designed to operate on battery power drawing less than 28µA, when on deep sleep,


Integrated with 10-years and 500MB of cellular data. No cellular subscriptions or fees apply.

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Unique PCB gives full flexibility to work with manufacturers

Promptus Ltd provides manufacturers with our trademarked PCB in its basic format, which allows them to produce their own product with our systems pre-installed.

The Promptus PCB was developed through years of strenuous R&D. We are proud to have the most versatile PCB on the market, which has allowed us to fit our devices into any existing light fitting but also supply the PCB to manufacturers to use as they wish.

Choose Promptus now and see a rapid return on investment

User friendly interface

All dashboards come with a fully smart compatible user interface with reports, notifcations and alerts. This as well as any historical and real-time data.

Non-invasive bespoke install options

We ensure a hassle-free installation with our wireless air quality monitors - installs are quick, simple and customised to fit your unique site requirements. 

Proof of quality

Showcase  your commitment to quality of air with our "Made in Britain" air quality sensors in the workplace.

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Emergency Lighting

Image by John Schnobrich

Further Services

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