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Empty hospital room


The healthcare sector is an extremely challenging environment to manage. Staff are often overloaded, assets and resources are overused, and budgets are tight. Operations are often carried out manually by people who are already overworked, creating a margin for human error and wasting valuable resources, which could be deployed elsewhere to save lives.

Client Monitoring

Monitor your clients in real-time and analyse anomalies in data to understand behaviour patterns, allowing you to make accurate healthcare-related decisions to improve patients' wellbeing.

Client monitoring

Simplify facilities asset sharing

Promote predictive maintenance

Ensure all emergency response vehicles are fully equipped

Enables a much faster response in a medical emergency

Reduces duplicate and surplus purchases of hospital inventory

One of the most efficient ways to combat these issues is to implement smart medical asset management, patient and personnel tracking, monitoring, recovery and security with real-time data feedback to inform actions and decision-making.

Promptus Ltd creates revolutionary asset management and security solutions that are designed to prolong the healthcare asset lifecycle, save time and money and ultimately save lives.


With Promptus Ltd, automating these processes can ensure compliance with real-time testing, monitoring and reporting, all of this automatically updated and stored on our dashboard.

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