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"From a makeshift workshop, to servicing some of the biggest companies

and organisations in the United Kingdom"

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Our Story

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None of our success so far would have been possible without the man behind the growth of Promptus Ltd, and the development of all the technology and devices that we offer, Ramunas.


Ramunas heads up our technical division and is our very own ‘mad scientist’ as well as all around R&D (Research & Development) wizard too.

We have reached this point in our journey with trailblazing research and development, and an enthusiastic approach to expanding remote monitoring and the capabilities available.


We are proud to say that we offer a totally unique service that provides clients a multitude of benefits.


Our devices help to make your company greener, reducing costs, enhancing brand image and becoming more sustainable.

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Promptus Ltd allows clients to access all their data in one place, Vigilate™ - the secure online portal.


Here users can view and download specific logbooks and oversee and manage different elements of site performance metrics, with live alerts and notifications whenever required.


Our wireless  Remo-Tech devices periodically capture the required data with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly to the cloud-based portal which logs all the key data and performance measurements.

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The online cloud-based portal is available for users to login from wherever they are in the world, and historical data can be viewed at any time by the user.


Relevant personnel can be set to receive the required notification, via email, text, or phone call.

During the pandemic, the role of Remote Monitoring has become accelerated and much more important. Our devices allow significant reductions in site visits, helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions as we push towards net zero.

Promptus Ltd Dashboard
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