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3 key benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is fast becoming the norm for more and more businesses and there's many reasons why. Today we are going to focus on 3 key reasons why Remote Monitoring can hugely benefit your business.

What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote Monitoring involves the use of sensors from a machine that enables the collection of important data for a number of things. This could be energy consumption, temperature or pressure monitoring, as well as a number of many other performance measuring. This important information will then be sent from the automated machine monitoring a particular aspect of a site, to the site manager that requires that Information. A site manager can then have access to data trends, detailed information and plan maintenance schedules around this, with a goal of identifying any issues that could be affecting site operations. This will often be stored on some sort of dashboard or online cloud based portal that can be accessed remotely.

1. Enhance efficiency

With Remote Monitoring, employees are able to avoid tedious data recording, with no need to be on site for half as much time as they would usually. The system allows for easy data collection that will automatically send that information to live dashboards or online portals. This giving the site manager that would be fundamentally wasting time doing the job that Remote Monitoring can do for them, and enabling that extra time for utilising and analysing the data, therefore increasing efficiency.

2. Boost productivity

If any type of problem, errors, or faults arise whilst Remote Monitoring is active at a site, the Remote Monitoring system will allow for alerts to be sent as well as notifications via email, text message etc. This enabling site managers to quickly address issues and minimise downtime. The system can also be programmed to schedule maintenance, by sending notification for when maintenance is due and also request quotations for any particular services that are required.

3. Gain further insight

Remote Monitoring is great for taking normal data recordings and turning them into, or allowing for data to be turned into different graphs for better data visualisation. These graphs could contain changes in production on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. From this, one can start to learn trends and gain valuable insight into whether their site can be operating at a higher efficiency.

With the right Remote Monitoring system implemented, this can lead to highly important data collection, which in turn will lead to more informed and greater decision making. Site managers will no longer be required to monitor all equipment all the time, saving sites on labour costs, as well as equipment failure that can be extremely expensive.

For more information on or if you wish to request a quotation for Remote Monitoring from us, you can contact our office - 01604 696113


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