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Auto flush systems - 5 key benefits

There are far greater benefits to be realised from Auto flushers than purely convenience. Below we will go through 5 key benefits that Auto flushers can bring to your commercial premises.

1. Cost effective

Implementing touch-less features such as Auto flushers into commercial premises bathroom facilities, are the go-to option for many and there's a reason for this, that reason being the huge savings that come with these features. With Auto flushers resulting in much less water is usage, saving thousands. This along with other hands free alternatives like hand dryers and automated soap dispensers, can equate to huge sums of money saving for businesses.

2. Increased efficiency

Auto flush toilets help increase efficiency in commercial premises as they help reduce water wastage with correctly programmed water usage at specific scheduled times. An example being, when an occupant using the toilet taps the touchscreen faucet or activates a sensor, the water delivered is a specified amount for a short duration, rather than remaining on for as long as the user chooses, or even remaining on after they leave because they forgot to turn it off. These additions will not only cut costs, but also help a business increase efficiency and in turn reduce carbon footprints.

3. Hygiene friendly

When people visiting your business use your facilities it is important that their visit is made safe and pleasant as possible. Bathrooms are a big part of this, over time they often collect large amounts of germs and bacteria, by avoiding the traditional knobs and leavers when flushing, Auto flushers help reduce the chance of passing germs and transferring illnesses. In turn boosting not just visitors health but also employee health, therefore also putting a reduction on the number of employee sick days.

4. Greater convenience

This touches upon the original point made in number 3, the objective of improving user experience. Auto flushers in the bathroom will only help this. By making the users experience simplified cutting out the fiddling with levers on a faucet. All one has to do is activate a sensor, making these ideal for the elderly who may suffer from debilitating illnesses such as arthritis.

5. Prolonged lifespan

In public or commercial bathrooms it is not uncommon for users to be harder on the equipment than perhaps they would at their own home. Their are many instances where levers have been yanked off as well as other forms of wear and tear. Auto flush toilets often last longer as they simply do not receive the same kind of wear and tear that more traditional fixtures do. This due to the sensory options, meaning that they are much less likely to need replacing as frequently.

If you are interested in implementing an Auto flush system into your commercial premises, please contact - 01604 696113, for further information.


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