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Benefits of Occupancy censoring and vehicle counting in car parks

Accurate counts of the number of persons or cars using a space are necessary in many buildings and parking lots. Day or night, video counting systems have over 95% accuracy rate. With the most recent totals displayed on clear LED displays, using secure web browsers.

Some of the benefits:

  • Locally and remotely displayed occupancy

  • Alerts and cautions about capacity

  • Records from the past help with planning forward

  • Queue management and monitoring

  • Separate tallies for various zones and regions

  • Networked systems can securely communicate online

Track queues

Systems for calculating occupancy are not just for capacity monitoring. They can also be used to track lineups, both inside and outside, and to identify the most crowded parts of the facility.

Verify counts

Simply by seeing the video, whether locally or safely over the internet, you can rest assured that the numbers are accurate. To precisely calibrate and validate the counts, you can stream the video and diagnostic data slowly during configuration.

No matter the lighting, get more than 95% accuracy

No matter how light or dark it is, the capacity monitoring system is almost 95% accurate. Each occupant counter can be customized for its specific location by being adjusted for crowds, high ceilings, low light, shadows, and other factors. The technology continuously measures background light levels to guarantee accuracy.

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