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Energy monitoring - what you need to know

Energy monitors are devices that monitor electricity usage in real time. Some devices can be simply clipped onto a meter while others require an electrician to install.

The monitors collect the pulse output from an energy meter and report this information in either amp hours or KWHours. This data is then reported via a software portal available on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Energy monitoring software provides vital insight that can help to control and conserve energy in the future. Without conducting energy monitoring, you won’t be able to distinguish where inefficiencies lie within your business to effectively rectify the situation.

Why monitor your energy?

Energy monitors are small tabletop devices that show you how much money your energy consumption is costing you, and will tell you how much money you're saving once you begin to change the way you're using energy.

According to the Carbon Trust, typically 20% of all business’ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of inefficient equipment. Effective energy monitoring on a granular asset level continuously monitors equipment’s performance and energy output and instantly recognises when an asset is not operating efficiently.

Energy monitors vary considerably in terms of their features and how much they cost, so you might want to compare a few different models before you buy one. Some of the most convenient features and benefits of energy monitors include:

  • a display that shows your current energy use;

  • wireless connectivity, and a portable display so you can move it around your home;

  • being able to look at historical data including daily, weekly and monthly usage.

How accurate are energy monitors?

It is important to stress that because the data is collected via the sensor, and not direct from the electric meter, the usage data is not 100% accurate.

If you would like to find out why real-time energy monitoring is vital to your business, then get in touch, we can provide the tools to help you improve efficiency, maximise yield and reduce waste energy consumption.

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