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Gain valuable insights through Submetering

As companies seek to gain insights into utility usage, it is common to install submeters. Submeters provide the capability to monitor individual pieces of equipment, providing visibility on overall usage. Equipped with this data, building managers have a better understanding of usage and demand, so informed corrective actions can be taken.

Submetering benefits

  • Accurate energy monitoring, real-time energy consumption

  • In-depth review of facility energy data

  • Better informed to make decisions that can help optimise energy performance

  • Access to actual energy usage – no estimates

  • Ability to identify and eliminate energy waste

  • Insight to repair before critical equipment fails

Common Submetering uses

Peak Demand Management

Utility providers will charge greater costs when demand is higher to encourage consumers to shift their usage to off-peak hours, reducing the chance of the grid reaching dangerous capacity levels. Submeters with minute-by-minute or hourly reporting allow companies to manage peak demand and mitigate additional costs.

Discover Inefficiencies

Submetering gives users the ability to monitor individual assets and identify inefficiencies in machinery or processes. By identifying issues, companies can invest in improvements or create policies to help mitigate high costs.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

By installing submeters, companies can better gauge their sustainability goals. Companies can use the submeter data to see success and show overall improvements to sustainability.

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