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Helping reduce carbon emissions with IoT

Most people associate industrial operations and rush-hour traffic bottlenecks with carbon emissions. Many experts advise individuals to start small when thinking about how to create a greener planet. Few people, though, realize that the structure they call home or work is what the experts are referring about.

How building energy efficiency can reduce climate change

But how can structures affect the climate so significantly? The answer is straightforward: building and operation. Emissions during operation may remain constant. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and equipment all influence them. The term "embodied carbon" describes the carbon footprint created during the construction of a building. This carbon factor takes into account everything from the carbon emissions produced by operating the construction equipment to those produced throughout the supply chain, such as when obtaining steel and concrete.

AI optimization

Buildings offer one of the greatest potentials for green transformation despite these severe effects. Modern data-driven technology that is supported by artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning models enables "smart buildings," where the software seamlessly connects with the building's components. With sensors and monitoring technology, performance may be continuously monitored for HVAC, air quality, temperature, energy use, occupancy, downtime hours, ventilation, and many other parameters.

Easy to implement

Because every structure is unique, installing smart building platforms has been difficult for years. AI has been used in technology to address this issue, which can speed up installation and lower installation costs. AI-based building solutions are a significant step toward lowering carbon emissions, not just in the UK but also globally.

Platforms for smart buildings are now more sophisticated, more accessible, simpler to install, and simpler to use than ever before.

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