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How farms/agriculture are harnessing the power of IoT

Farmers aincreasingly turning to technology and smart farming to improve the efficiencies of their food production systems. One such technology is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), and though in its infancy, IoT in farming has enormous potential to improve the way we feed ourselves and the world.

IoT and Agriculture

IoT technologies refer to equipment or devices that are connected to other devices through the internet. Think of smart heating and lighting systems in homes that can be controlled from a mobile phone - these are IoT appliances.

IoT in farming enables farmers to increase automation of vital farming processes, and manage them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Farmers are able to monitor their crop field from anywhere using IoT devices. With the help of various sensors, can administer appropriate inputs at variable rates, saving farmers both time and money.

Benefits of using IoT and Farming

Waste Reduction - With greater production control, IoT in agriculture facilitates cost-efficient management. From smart devices, producers can more accurately identify any anomaly in the crop

Process Automation - From smart devices, it is also possible to automate several stages of the production process, such as irrigation, fertilization or pest control.

Competitive Advantage - One more benefit is increased harvest —as we mentioned in the above topics—that yields a competitive advantage in business. To exemplify, we can mention preventive maintenance.

A farming revolution is coming

Smart farming and IoT-driven agriculture are not merely passing fads in agriculture. The signs point to the beginning of a “third green revolution”, that is going to permanently alter the way we produce food.

The environmental benefits of smart farming are extremely encouraging - IoT driven agriculture can help us economise on water and make sure we are ecological in our bid to feed a massive global population.

Collecting and sharing data has never been easier. The many benefits of data-driven farming will only compound as more and more farms get connected to the internet.

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