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How IoT supports EV Charging Points in keeping EV’s going

Electric cars (EVs) have gained popularity as more and more car makers follow Tesla's lead and introduce all-electric variants. With this evolution, there is a growing demand for methods of charging them away from homes. Thanks to IoT and cellular connectivity, electric vehicle charging stations offer owners, operators, and drivers a wealth of information in addition to providing the electricity needed to charge a vehicle.

The initial advantages of IoT for EV

EV charging stations have a number of advantages for both the user and the operator because they are linked devices. There is a lot of information that consumers need to be aware of. Where are the locations of the charging stations? How long will it take for my EV to charge? What is the price? All of these queries can be addressed by EV charging stations. And thanks to IoT, these stations frequently make it simple to pay immediately via a mobile app.

Long-term benefits

On the other hand, IoT makes it possible for operators to gather important information about each charging station without having to physically visit them, including notifications about potential repair needs as well as information on how frequently they are utilized. Whether it is planning preventative maintenance or minimizing on-site time with the devices, all of this information can lead to operating efficiencies that, in the ideal case, contribute to ROI. With the current push from the government to engage in climate change measures, we are still in the early stages of the EV revolution and anticipate a surge in adoption and innovation.


Compared to vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel, electric vehicles (EVs) have less detrimental effects on the environment. Everyone involved in the sector, from the producers of EVs to the users of these vehicles, may stand to gain.

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