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Introduction to Promptus Ltd

Promptus Ltd is an all encompassing, all purpose hub of sorts, with the one sole function of keeping a site safe and or performing to its optimal level, ensuring this remotely. Our service enables us to group all aspects of remote monitoring services into one secure, easy to manage, online portal.

Why is it different?

Clients of Promptus can gain access to all of their required metrics or data regarding site performance in one place, instead of having to access multiple different portals for multiple services. With us, each aspect of your remotely monitored space can be found in one place.

Monitor and adjust

Our service not only allows clients to monitor the performance levels of their site that they wish to, It allows them to also adjust and alter aspects should they need to. For example, should you wish to switch off your fire alarm or smoke detectors, we can enable this functionality via our interactive dashboard, meaning you can still hugely impact the performance and testing of your workplace regardless of where you are based. Eliminating the need to travel to sites and or be based on site.

All in one place

We allow for multiple services to be managed and observed from one single dashboard, bringing you all the capabilities that are usually only available for one dashboard per service. Our dashboards are integrated together to formulate the most simplistic and seamless experience, so the user can easily access all of the information that they need to.

Should you be interested and would like to know more about what this service encompasses and how it can best help you boost productivity and functionality at your premises, don't hesitate to contact us.


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