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IoT for Facilities Managers looking to drive sustainability

A system of sophisticated and powerful wireless sensors and more, developed by our R&D experts, have enabled us to deploy a diverse and innovative range of solutions for businesses.

As well as this, we've listed below some use cases for the workplace, that when implemented, turn your regular building into a smart building, transforming how you operate.

Here are some examples of how our technology can be applied to create smarter, more environmentally friendly buildings:

Energy efficiency

Quick energy consumption optimization is possible with complete visibility into temperature, occupancy, open doors and windows, building use, and water waste. Buildings can easily become more sustainable when minor operational and behavioural improvements are made.

Remote monitoring

Our sensors provide comprehensive remote monitoring of structures and assets and more. Our sensors can do almost any type of informative monitoring that you desire. Whether it be tracking assets, regulating water temperature, humidity, and more. All of this will then result in the sending of data alerts before any issues have the chance to arise.

Safe water systems

Our method eliminates the need for an engineer to travel to multiple locations, manually flushing each faucet and checking the temperature to avoid legionella. Save energy used, time while driving, and water consumption with our Legionella Management services.

Cold storage

Our sensors can be used in refrigeration machines, chiller room doors, and supermarket shelf shutters too. With the information collected, this will help you save on energy loss overnight, whilst lowering food wastage.

Occupancy sensors

Employers and office managers may effectively estimate and assign space capacity by understanding employee working behaviours. This frequently results in downsizing and improved space utilisation, which can reduce an office's carbon footprint by as much as 30% or more.

All of the above solutions are huge for businessses that are looking to reach their net zero goals.

If you'd like us to help support you in your goal of becoming more sustainable as a business using the power of IoT, get your FREE consultation now with Promptus Ltd, by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at:


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