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Ireland health service using remote monitoring in the midst of COVID-19

Hospitals in Ireland are being helped by the technological advantages of remote monitoring. Due to the high level of contagiousness that the COVID-19 virus has, the “paitentMpower” helps provide a suitable and innovative hospital avoidance solution.

The digital health firm developed a remote monitoring solution on behalf of the Irish HSE. The technology enables the monitoring of patients that are displaying mild or moderate symptoms of the virus and that are self-isolating.

The remote monitoring technology is already actively being used in hospitals, with more than 50 patients being monitored for the virus. The COVID-19 patient app works by linking to a wireless pulse oximeter device, this measures a patients’ oxygen saturation, a key indication for respiratory issues. Patients are also using the app to record their level of breathlessness, as well as temperatures and any other symptoms that they are experiencing.

The Information that is captured then becomes immediately available for health service staff to view in a secure portal, from here they can take the appropriate actions and decisions about care.

In addition to this, the tech company are also offering a separate "hospital avoidance" remote monitoring platform, devised to help Irish healthcare organisations provide care to patients that have underlying respiratory conditions, and because of this, are at high risk of having complications if they were to contract the virus.


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