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Looking to improve business productivity - IoT can help

Smart, remote monitoring devices are making workplaces more productive in a number of ways. By implementing them into everyday processes, businesses can streamline routine tasks as well as overall operations, and reduce costs significantly. Here are just some of the ways that businesses across the world are benefitting from IoT:

Improving collaboration

Harnessing connected devices means that employees are no longer required to be in the same physical space as one another to work together effectively. Cloud-based software and portable devices allow your employees to manage their work from anywhere over shared networks.

Increasing office efficiency

The rise of 'smart offices' has seen a number of connected devices that monitor and control various operations across a business. This automates repetitive tasks normally held by employees, increasing efficiency and freeing time to focus on more complex work. IoT systems also allow employees to manage their schedules to use their time more effectively – and in turn, be more productive.

Coordinate operations

IoT devices collect a huge amount of data. This data is being harnessed to help fine-tune daily operations. For example, companies are using smart sensors to see when certain rooms are most occupied and where employees spend the majority of their time. This can minimise the disruptive effect meetings can have on productivity.

Lowering energy costs

The IoT can help businesses make more efficient use of resources and minimise unnecessary expenses. One example of this is the use of smart heating and lighting systems, to help lower energy expenditure from overuse of AC and heating.

Improving the supply chain

IoT systems allow you to track the movement of products, helping you monitor logistics accurately. Smart tags and sensors help keep track of inventory levels in real time and can show where an item is in a warehouse. More precise inventory tracking means less over-ordering, and ensures the most popular products are in stock to maximise profits.

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