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Making your workplace “smart” and the benefits it will bring your business

Understanding the idea of a “smart” workplace is the first step, followed by determining the technology required to bring your workplace there. Below we'll look at smart buildings and the benefits that will come from making your businesses building "smart.”

Intelligent buildings don’t have to start out as such, older buildings without pre integrated technology can be modified to become smart. Although it is always the most cost-effective solution to start off with smart technology already implemented. However, If your building has Direct Digital Controls (DDC) on your HVAC equipment and an integrated BMS, you're in a good position to introduce analytics that can enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Large amounts of data can be produced by modern structures. Even so, this information doesn't always mean anything purely on its own. In fact, it can be confusing at times. A specified analytics platform can go a long way to helping with that.

Promptus Ltd, for example provide a state of the art analytical platform in the form of the Vigilate™ cloud based dashboard. This platform allows the user to oversee all analytics for all remote monitoring solutions present on site, with key insights and notifications on health status and performance levels.

The key to unlocking the full potential of smarter buildings is using analytics correctly. Data can be arranged and prioritized, insights can be discovered, and insights can be turned into actions with the help of a cutting-edge analytics platform that has machine learning capabilities.

Making your businesses building “smart” will allow you to:

Analyse performance to reveal inefficiencies

Determine inefficiencies by analysing performance

Assist you in developing more precise alert parameters, improving your overall maintenance of site

Allow multiple operational systems to interact through IoT

To summarise very quickly, smart buildings improve the occupant experience, this helps when retaining and acquiring quality staff members and helps improve client and general visitor experience.

Smart capabilities in a building remain a priceless asset in a time when people prioritise energy saving, reducing overheads and seek for tech-driven simplicity.

We'd love to support you in making your workplace "smart", get your FREE consultation now with Promptus Ltd, by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at:


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