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Our new Emergency Lighting partnership with Z10 Safety

Meet Z10 Safety, our new partner/collaborator and huge driver behind the reason we are able to deliver such innovative and powerful EMLT solutions to all business types.

Z10 Safety have an 18 year background in manufacturing and supplying emergency lighting solutions with a simple goal that aligns with ours – providing reliable Emergency Lighting that guarantee's compliance, energy usage reduction and cost saving solutions.

Why we've partnered with Z10 Safety

We’ve partnered with Z10 Safety as we believe that we can help them and they can help us expand on the current powerful solutions that we both already deliver to multiple clients, nationwide.

Combining our solutions we can deliver to clients a complete and full turnkey solution for emergency lighting, providing products and solutions with outstanding performance.

Z10 Safety, for years, have developed sophisticated emergency lighting products designed for every workplace, backed with rigorous laboratory testing procedures and that have been Lighting Industry Association (LIA) approved. Ensuring that all emergency lighting solutions guarantee a minimum of 5 year warranty.

Upon closely following and forecasting where the market is likely heading, Z10 Safety’s Jesús Miranda, and Promptus Ltd’s head of R&D, Ramunas Girstautas, have combined forces to deliver the ultimate Emergency Lighting solution. With Promptus Ltd’s unique IoT solutions, and Z10’s vast lab-tested product range, the two companies are delivering even more powerful results than before.

With the help of Promptus, Z10 Safety are now able to fully connect all components of the EMLT systems makeup, with the IoT cloud. Whilst Promptus now have access to even more powerful luminaires, as well as remote control EMLT systems with tried and tested self-charge and self-testing lithium battery powered devices.

All in all, with the combined expertise, we enable full IoT powered remote monitoring, accessibility and control of all lighting systems, as well as the remote logging of testing.

Thus cutting out the laborious task of manually logging as well as potential room for human error. With a cloud based dashboard we allow full overview and insight for all devices with an analytical breakdown of not just emergency lighting, but any other element of IoT solutions too.

From emergency lighting production, supply and installation, Promptus Ltd and Z10 Safety have you covered.


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