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Overcoming the barriers to implementing IIoT in the manufacturing industry

Overcoming organisational barriers is a necessity for successfully managing the technical aspects of deploying IIoT in the manufacturing industry.

First, the powers that be need to set clear goals for the overall transformation/journey to IIoT and have a team responsible for monitoring that progress.

This team will ensure that the implementation is on track, and be responsible for quickly identifying and rectifying any negative deviations from the path to implementation.

Secondly, preparing an organization for the success of IIoT also means there will need to be a changing in the organizational structure, ways of working together, as well as work profiles and roles.

As a result, new ways of working and new skills will be required to ensure maximum efficiency. All skills related to the development, deployment and operation of IIoT need to be identified and developed. This will include the training of existing workforce and hiring new individuals who are best suited to monitor and manage the technology.

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