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Promptus Ltd - Made in Britain certified

We recently became Made in Britain accredited members, this is an update that we are incredibly pleased to share with you. After successfully completing a series of rigorous and thorough vetting procedures, Promptus Ltd were this week successfully confirmed and awarded with their official Made in Britain badge!

Made in Britain is a remarkable organisation to be a part of and we cannot wait for ourselves, as well as our clients, to begin realising the positive benefits that this prestigious organisation bring to the table.

The MIB mark is a badge of honour for us and many other UK manufacturers – in their own words:

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark. The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain.

As well as being placed on a highly esteemed directory list amongst some of Britain’s finest manufacturer’s, we also get to highlight the official and protected Made in Britain mark, one that we are confident that you will have seen at some point or other.

We cannot wait to get fully immersed in the wonderful online community created by MIB and to really showcase on a big platform like MIB, what we believe to be a truly ground-breaking service powered by REMO-TECHtechnology that is designed, manufactured, and created by us, exclusively in the UK!

Get a FREE consultation of Promptus ltd Remote Monitoring services now by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at: today.


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