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Revolutionising the Fleet Management Industry with IoT

Utilising IoT for fleet management is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in the industry. Six years ago this market yielded around £3 million of yearly revenue, and this number is likely to grow five times as much within the next two years.

Fleet management is the process of controlling all operations related to the functioning of transport facilities. It covers the entire lifecycle of a transport and logistic enterprise including vehicle acquisition, monitoring, maintenance, and disposal.

IoT brings a multitude of benefits for Fleet Management, listed below:

  • Remote Vehicle Tracking and Asset Monitoring

  • Fleet Operations Control

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Task Automation

  • Driver Behavior Visibility

  • Fuel Efficiency and Engine Performance Supervision

  • Cost Optimization

IoT systems have helped build a world where users and businesses can know the exact location of their fleet in seconds, and track it in real-time. With IoT, companies save time and costs by decreasing wait times for inspections and can conduct proactive maintenance of their vehicles.

This allows for better customer service by ensuring each customer can track their order and minimise delayed delivery instances.

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