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Smart Solar Street Lights Installed Ahead of World Cup

350 off-grid solar streetlights have been installed at several locations in Doha as part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar sustainable agenda.

The increasing global presence of renewable energy companies reflects the turn towards alternatives and sustainable solutions in order to build Smart Cities of the future.

Many locations in the world are suitable for the application of solar energy to be straightforward, of which solar street lights are perhaps one of the most economical and practical applications of solar energy in smart city infrastructure, given their ability to be entirely off-grid and be easily installed.

We don’t have a Planet B. Investment into sustainable infrastructure will reduce your carbon footprint and help us to keep the planet alive for generations to come.

Promptus Ltd can help you future proof your workplace by monitoring metrics regarding your air quality and consumption, in order to allow you to not only improve your buildings sustainability, but also help you to reduce your overheads significantly at the same time!

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