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Steps that you can take to prevent Legionella growth

In this post we are going to look at the dangers of Legionella and the steps that can be taken to reduce the negative impact that legionella can have on your building, your water systems, and the occupants within your building.

Legionella thrives in specific conditions, by having an effective water management system in place, you will significantly reduce the chances of legionella growth and occupants contracting legionnaires disease.

Fortunately there are simple steps, including consulting a professional, that can help contribute to the reduction of legionella presence at your commercial premises. These can be found below.

Making sure that records are up to date - keep a record of your maintenance in a log book.

Preparing a written scheme - by preparing a written scheme of how you are going to best manage your water system maintenance, this is good practice for eradicating legionella.

Updating your risk assessment - it is universally suggested that risk assessments are to be carried out at least on a 2 yearly basis.

Adjusting of water systems temperature - ensuring that your water temperature for both cold and hot water systems are kept at the required level is vital. Hot water outlets are to be above 50° and cold water outlets are to be kept below 20°.

Regular removal of lime scale - if lime scale is left to to grow and build up on shower heads for example, this can lead to legionella growth, so it is important to take steps to remove lime scale from your shower heads on a regular basis.

Regular removal of dead led pipework - this is part of your ongoing maintenance and is integral for ensuring that pipes are maintained for prevention of legionella growth.

Flushing of systems weekly - ensuring that all water systems that are infrequently used and could become ideal conditions for legionella growth are flushed regularly, at least once a week is key to the prevention of legionella.

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