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The main benefits of Remote Monitoring / Remote Condition Monitoring for site managers

Revolutionizing the industrial workplace.

Remote monitoring is undoubtedly here to stay, and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic we saw a glimpse into the future in terms of how a lot of workplaces will look and how they can be positively impacted with the right innovation and thought processes.

Being able to have remote observation, control, access and alerts, is an immensely powerful tool in the right hands.

The ability to proactively learn of potential early hazards for equipment, or machine failure gives operators a huge advantage in the prevention of potentially costly unplanned downtime, and the associated costs of breakdowns and maintenance callouts.

How can site managers use Remote monitoring to monitor health of equipment and machinery?

Remote Monitoring when particularly monitoring the condition of equipment and machinery, can be amazingly effective. This done with high tech sensors that can be placed inside LV Distribution boards and also mounted precisely onto machinery and or equipment, monitoring performance and health of the machinery in question. Simultaneously distributing and transmitting all of the relevant information like machine health and performance data to the secure online cloud based portal, on a 24/7 basis.

Transmitted information can then be used to assess and learn about how machines and equipment are performing on a regular basis, including life span of battery and heat levels etc, getting clear notifications on any irregularities or early warnings on overheating equipment.

For site maintenance managers this type of remote condition monitoring is perfect, as in most cases the monitoring and management systems can be installed and set up to function independently with little to no input needed from any onsite human personnel.

Main benefits

More streamlined, efficient processes

Productivity can be greatly increased with the right implementation of remote monitoring and management services. Drawn out tasks such as data collection and collation can often be a thorn in a company’s side, with human error rampant.

Remote monitoring systems will handle some of these sometimes aggravating tasks for you, easily and seamlessly, doing the work that would require a whole fleet of human operators in much more efficient and error free fashion. Allowing overall operations to function at a higher quality and at a much faster rate.

Greater pro activity meaning reduction on reactive maintenance

One of the most impactful benefits of remote monitoring for equipment and machinery is that of the proactive advantages that it offers. Especially when compared to older less sophisticated machine and equipment monitoring systems, remote monitoring is on another level.

With 24/7 surveillance of equipment and machinery being just one example of the available technology that can have huge positive impacts on any site. Older monitoring tech may only discover and correct some machinery failures when doing a total shutdown of systems. Whereas data driven remote monitoring systems will predict not just impending system failure, but also any possible future system failures too, before they ensue. This will facilitate a whole new proactive approach to machine and equipment maintenance. Coupled in with alerts that can be arranged to be sent in any form of notifications to almost any device, thus allowing an operator to intervene before equipment failure can occur.

Quick return on investment

With the integration of remote continuous and proactive monitoring systems for machinery and equipment, the overall cost of purchase can be reduced significantly. With a quick return on investment and installation costs that can be realised, this as the maintenance will be lessened and lifespan of equipment and machinery will be increased.

Downtime diminished

A big problem for almost all businesses regardless of their trade is downtime and the costly impact that unplanned downtime in particular, can have. Downtime can come in many forms but reducing the downtime on machinery and equipment will be huge when looking to counter potential negatives. Negatives such as the need for reactive maintenance for unplanned machine or equipment breakdowns, loss of revenue due to functionality being impeded, and lastly company morale with employees not being able to be as productive as they’d like to.

With proactive initiatives like remote monitoring of equipment and machinery, operators will be able to consistently understand and gain insight into how a system is performing from the very first instance of installation. With real time data reporting and automated re-calibrations as well as meticulous manual maintenance being enabled to operate far more effectively off the back of this. Massively reducing and, in some cases, completely cutting out any unplanned downtime.

Valuable Performance Insights

The use of remote monitoring software allows operators to gain extremely valuable insight into how well their equipment and machinery is performing. Data obtained by monitoring software can be reproduced and redistributed electronically as graphical details that will display equipment performance over any given time period. Minute by minute, hour by hour, or more strung out periods if required, with weekly, monthly, or yearly representations of equipment performance.

All this data can then be used to streamline any important decision making, therefore improving the overall production process.

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