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The power of the auto flush - Why you should automate your restroom

Automation has revolutionised spaces worldwide. Digital and hands-free technologies have changed the way people design, build and use washrooms.

Washroom automation is an investment that comes with long-term benefits, most importantly reducing waste and saving money. The convenience of automated technologies also improves the experience of bathroom users.

Automated toilet facilities also require little maintenance and are expected to last longer because of reduced need for manual handling.

Healthier Environment

Bathrooms collect much more bacteria than any other part of a commercial building. Employees and visitors often spread germs when flushing the toilet or washing their hands.

A touchless bathroom provides a healthier environment by removing several common touch points. Without buttons and levers, there will be fewer germs present in the bathroom. With less likelihood of illnesses transferred, businesses can benefit from a reduction in employee absenteeism.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Systems like auto flush toilets and hands free sinks increase the efficiency of a bathroom. They reduce waste because they are programmed to provide the right amount of water at the appropriate time.

As a result, faucets and toilets save resources. These more efficient types of fixtures can help building owners cut costs on water bills over time.

More Convenient

A touch free bathroom also enhances the visitors experience. It provides a level of convenience not found in older facilities.

Instead of using the knobs on taps, all anyone has to do is place their hands in front of a sensor. This is a great option for many groups of people, such as senior citizens suffering from arthritis.

Prolonged Lifespan

Auto flush toilets and hands free faucets often last longer, because they do not receive the wear-and-tear of traditional fixtures. Since fewer people handle the equipment’s parts, they do not need to be replaced as frequently.

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