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The rise of smart buildings post pandemic

Even prior to the pandemic, there was a consistent trend toward IoT-enabled workspace design and smart buildings. Widespread office closures and lockdowns, which made workplace operations more remote than ever and forced meetings to be held online, using Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

It has been plainly evident ever since the first widespread lockdowns that work and the workplace will never be quite the same again. Now more than ever, the importance of linked systems and the IoT applications that allow companies to achieve workplace flexibility, safety, efficiency, and differentiation, however, is unquestionable.

The pandemic and the necessity to adapt to a post-pandemic reality have not invalidated the patterns that were anticipated before March 2020. Instead, some have been accelerated since businesses can no longer put off implementing the smart workplace features in their building.

The objective of an IoT solution is to connect assets, processes, and environments in a building using capabilities such as sensor networks. Building managers can utilize that understanding to adjust the system automatically or to send out notifications depending on operational occurrences or environmental measures.

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