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Why going wireless can help with energy efficiency and promote a healthy workplace

Did you know that the average small and medium sized enterprise (SME) could reduce energy bills by 18-25% by installing energy efficiency measures and implementing behavioural change.

Advances in technology have dramatically changed the way people live over recent decades. The advent of the internet and instant global connectivity has altered the way we work.

Buildings have always made use of industrial advances - lighting, plumbing and heating systems are historical examples of new knowledge being applied for better conditions - but never before have buildings used instant data to make real-time decisions and affect instant change.

This is what defines a smart building; it can adjust itself to a given context based on data feedback.

By going wireless through the use of IoT sensors tracking everything from movement and temperature to humidity and air pressure, these in-built sensors help facilities managers and employers understand the make-up of occupied buildings.

Knowing how many people are in a building, where they are and what the airflow of areas are optimises health and safety in the environment. It also allows for additional security and autonomy in terms of access.

With the growth of high-data-rate applications, more and more energy is consumed in wireless networks to guarantee quality of service. Therefore, energy-efficient communications have been paid increasing attention as they benefit environmental- friendly transmission.

How can Promptus Ltd help?

Our wireless Remo-Tech™ devices periodically capture the required data with pinpoint accuracy, streaming this data instantly to the cloud-based portal which logs all the key data and performance measurements.

The online cloud-based portal is available for users to login from wherever they are in the world, and historical data can be viewed at any time by the user.

Relevant personnel can be set to receive the required notification, via email, text, or phone call.

If you are interested in starting your smart journey, get your FREE consultation now with Promptus Ltd, by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at:


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