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Why more and more businesses are prepared to invest long-term in IoT

In 2022 the transition into IoT is continuing, and it appears that businesses are more at ease than ever with their part in it. Companies are increasingly incorporating IoT into their business strategies, with many businesses now receiving long-term IoT care.

Businesses are investing in connected device sensors, whether they are in vehicles, buildings, tools, systems and equipment, utilizing the layers of analytics available for each use case to produce actionable data sources to gain key data driven insights.

Conversations with solution providers are evolving as more businesses commit to long-term IoT initiatives and consequently gain a better understanding of their own IoT requirements. Companies are approaching these conversations up front to address particular needs, and service providers are increasingly working with decision-makers who have done their research.

Companies now want to be certain that they have solutions that will not only be able to provide them with immediate benefits but that will also develop with them in the future.

Remote monitoring technology and the IoT sector as a whole, clearly have a very bright future. Many businesses were forced to change their investment strategies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic because lockdowns had a significant impact on normal business operations.

However, this disruption also encouraged businesses to continue investing in the Internet of Things by encouraging them to test out new technologies. Just under 50% of businesses have continued to invest in IoT during the pandemic, according to research.

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