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Why your buildings energy usage matters

By monitoring and managing how our buildings use energy we can make a huge difference to our carbon footprint, helping reduce our own, as well as overall climate emissions.

For example, did you know that the majority of buildings account for around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU alone.

To achieve Net Zero and the global climate targets set, energy-efficient buildings are and will remain critical.

Smart buildings can help

This would also include the retrofitting of existing buildings. Consistent use of building automation alone could save around 12% of total global energy consumption and 10% of CO2 emissions.

Innovative, intelligent use of space saves costs and increases productivity and employee well-being: smart spaces are physical or digital environments in which people and technology-based systems interact in open, connected and intelligent ecosystems.

Sensor-generated building condition data provides the basis for this. Smart spaces adapt to the needs of their users. They can reduce operating costs, improve health and well-being, optimise productivity, and save energy and CO2.

The benefits of going smart

By incorporating smart system solutions into your existing or new building, this will significantly reduce maintenance and running costs for your business in the near to long term future as well as provide huge benefits in terms of energy efficiency, safety, comfort and overall wellbeing too.

If you are interested in starting your smart journey, get your FREE consultation now with Promptus Ltd, by visiting our homepage or contacting us via email at:


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